A simple torrent file creation utility.

Getting it

The latest release (version 1, released 2008 Jan 5) can be downloaded from here.


Building and installation

Read the INSTALL file inside the package.


create_torrent [OPTIONS] -a announce <input file or directory>

Lazy man's copy-pasted OPTIONS:

  -h [ --help ]                 Print this message.
  -a [ --announce ] arg         Announce URL
  -n [ --name ] arg             Rename the base directory. Default is the leaf 
                                of the input directory. Only used for multi-fil
                                e torrents
  -o [ --output ] arg (=-)      File to write torrent to, default: - (stdout)
  -l [ --piecelength ] arg (=0) Piece length in bytes, default: 0
  -p [ --private ]              Set private flag in the torrent.
  -r [ --recursive ]            Recurse into directories, only applicable if 
                                input is a directory


This software is licensed under WTFPL.

© Jonne Lehtinen <jms at modeemi dot fi>